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Desiree Hartsock’s Story:

I’m not going to lie. When I first thought about trying Bar Method, I thought how hard could it really be? I was a skeptic because I played competitive volleyball all my life, worked out on a consistent basis and felt that I was athletic enough to get by on a breeze in a bar class. Unfortunately that breeze was more like a tornado and I was a poor little tree that couldn’t find its balance.

I found out quickly how challenging the techniques really are and that I had a lot to work towards. Although I was new and it was obvious I had no idea what I was doing, the instructors were so helpful and comforting that I never felt out of place.

I first wanted to try Bar class because I became bored with running and never challenged myself enough at the gym. So many of my friends raved about their results from Bar and so I figured that starting fresh in a new city meant also starting fresh with my work out regimen. Especially since I am recently engaged and want to look the best I possibly can on my wedding day, I knew that I needed to try something different.


“The techniques trigger every posture muscle I never knew I had and has given me a new found appreciation for ballerinas and dancers alike. ”

~ Desiree

The techniques trigger every posture muscle I never knew I had and has given me a new found appreciation for ballerinas and dancers alike. It is hard work to be on your toes while working small movements like that! Whoever created these types of movements was on to something and knows exactly what a woman needs. I want to give them the Nobel Peace prize for butt lifting techniques! It takes a lot of patience to use your mind and body to stay focused on the muscles you are working and not want to force perfection. I must say I strive to be good at everything when it comes to physical activity and Bar Method continues to challenge me with every single class.  It is humbling and enlightening in every way.

I have been going to Bar Method for 3 months now and can honestly say that even in that short amount of time it has done wonders to my body. The results keep me coming back for more and I can finally say I’m getting better at the technique.  If you are looking to get toned arms, flat abs, a stronger back, lean legs, a round toosh, and look like Gisele Bunchen, then Bar Method is for you. (I think that includes every woman in the World!) My legs feel leaner, butt and arms more toned, and an overall sense of satisfaction has taken over my body.

Bar Method is a butt lift in a bottle and I can’t get enough! I can’t wait to see the results for my wedding day and to keep getting stronger with each class.