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Catherine Giudici’s Story:

Bar Method is a trip.

You think you’re a capable, accomplished and strong-willed person, then bam! Enter bar class and you’ll want to cry like a little girl. It is always and will always be a challenge, which is the best part.

It’s a humbling hour of your life and if you dedicate that time consistently to the workout, you won’t regret it.

I was always really active—playing soccer, taking dance classes, running marathons, and bouncing around in general. Bar brings your fitness to another level. The soreness that you feel after every class is what I consider a badge of honor. It shows you that when you were there, in class, you were truly present and working toward your goal. Whatever that may be.


One of my main reasons for starting Bar Method was for a “lifted seat” (Bar Method’s term) aka “a shelf to sit a cup on that booty” (my version). I haven’t just seen my boot-a-formin’, I’ve noticed more tone in my arms and a stronger, tighter core. And I haven’t even been doing it that long!

When people ask me what bar is like, I say “Imagine a wall sit. For your entire body. For a whole hour. Sounds painful, right? But look at this bod. Can you argue with the results?” (Cue a slow, pompous twirl.) For beauty, we will endure pain.

The instructors are hot drill sergeants who will call you out for wrong posture or slacking. I admire and hate it at the same time. You are the only one who will suffer if you don’t take their advice. Like I’ve referred to it before, bar is a mini torture sesh that you become addicted to. The fact that everyone knows your name and that the windows to the outside world expose your form will only make you shamed into doing it right. Again, you’ll learn to understand and hate it at the same time. The other masochists around you get it too and you’ll see them—and their Lululemon uniform—every week.

So, stick your chest out and get ready to strut.