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Stacie’s Story:

I’ve been a “Bar Methodist” for 6 months now. At the risk of sounding dramatic I’m just going to say it…this class has changed my life! I am 52 years old and am stronger and leaner than I have been in at least 20 years.

I like to exercise, but motivation has been a struggle as I’ve been raising a family and running a business. I was enjoying running 2 years ago when I was shut down with a very badly sprained ankle. I’m not a fan of yoga and when I was doing Pilates for a few months I just wasn’t seeing results and found myself watching the clock during class.

My daughter and I went to our first class in February. I was a little intimidated at first as I realized I was older than the other students (this has changed over the months and the age range is more diverse now).

That first class was a blur, trying to keep up and figure out what was going on, but I was hooked. This is something I will really like!


“Since working out at The Bar Method I have become more confident and self assured.”

~ Stacie

I attend class 5 times per week, and always look forward to going. When I was running a lot my friends would comment that I might be a little too thin. I am actually wearing a smaller size now, and am only getting positive compliments.

Since working out at The Bar Method I have become more confident and self assured. I am a happier person and realize that I am handling stressful situations much better. Both of my children are out of the house now and my husband and I work together. We are often alone at our photo studio all day. I have found a social connection at the Bar Method that really means a lot to me.

Thanks Luke, Bev and Maika, I’m in for the long run (or should I say tuck)!