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Lilani’s Story:


Four years ago I was handed a bridesmaid’s dress two sizes smaller than what I wore and I had exactly two months to make it work. (I realize I could have easily exchanged the dress or gotten it taken out – but what fun is that?)  Coincidentally, the bride was the one who directed me to start taking Bar Method class. (Thanks, Angie!) I searched, “BAR METHOD and my zip code” became a religious 6amer client and the rest is history.

I successfully wore the bridesmaid’s dress and could have stopped there but it was too late…the addiction had started. Almost half a year later, I had a mic on my head and I was counting to almost 10 most mornings of the week. Many of my “non-bar” friends and family tease me for living in spandex and question how and why a boutique fitness class is such a huge part of my life.

“Bar Method has helped keep a promise I made to myself – as long as I could walk, I would dance.”


Dance is a lifelong passion and creative outlet; unfortunately it can be physically bearing. Since I started taking Bar Method classes I’m able to leap higher and maintain the flexibility necessary to continue performing well after a dancer’sprime years.  The shock from my fellow dancers when I reveal that I’m in my thirty-somethings is always amusing.

Bar Method gives my life balance. As difficult as it is to wake up at 4:30am the feeling I have when I walk out of the studio is truly euphoric. It threads a strong line of positivity throughout the day. Even on those days when dealing with a Negative Nancy or Darryl Downer, I find a small joy in thinking to myself, “I did 60 push-ups today before you even touched your snooze button”. (Really mature, I know.)


In 2011, as the California “transfer instructor”, the Seattle-Eastside Bar Method community became an important role in my life in the Pacific Northwest. Bev, Luke and Maika are not just my bosses, they are my ‘Bar parents’ and the teachers and staff are way beyond coworkers, they are siblings/roommates that I never really asked for but need. Lastly, the clients inspire me every day through their own dedication to not only come to class but to want to continue outdoing themselves – raising their own bars.

Yes, it’s only 60 minutes. Yes, there is spandex and loud music but it’s obviously much more than that. I have been at it for a while now and have no plans on changing that any time soon.